Internal Audit Specialist at ADEPR Church

1 Internal Audit Specialist at  ADEPR Church
Internal Audit Specialist

ADEPR Church | Type: Job
Published: 2024-04-20 | Deadline: 2024-04-23



The Pentecostal Church of Rwanda – ADEPR Church is a faith-based organization that was originated in the 1940s in the Gihundwe Region, located in the western part of Rwanda. The church's Mission revolves around spiritual growth and community transformation through various social and economic activities, including education, healthcare, and poverty reduction. Today, the ADEPR Church boasts an impressive presence with 3,141 Local Churches and 2,820,813 members across all regions of Rwanda, according to the Population Census of 2022. The church has played a significant role in holistically transforming the Rwandan community.

  • Our mission

1ºTo preach the Gospel of Jesus-Christ and teach the Word of God according to the Holy Bible;
2º To promote social welfare and good relationships and economic development of beneficiaries focusing on health services, education and other development activities. 

  • Our vision

The vision of ADEPR Church is transforming the lives of people in a holistic way through preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

  • Our Values

Christ-Centeredness, Love, Stewardship, Accountability, transparency, Integrity, Commitment. 

The ADEPR Church is looking for hiring qualified, dedicated and experienced candidates to meet with Strategic Plan of 5 years (2024 - 2025) expectations and fulfil the position. Only interested candidates who strictly meet the criteria should apply for this position and have to send their application file (CV, Academic certificate, Motivation letter and Pastor’s Recommendation) via the email: and we will only be contacting shortlisted applicants. Deadline is 23/04/2024 at 5:00 p.m.

POSITION: Internal Audit Specialist

Number of Positions: 1

PLACE OF WORKING: Headquarters/ in the Office of the Senior Pastor


ADEPR Church Internal Auditor Specialist is responsible for tracking the cash flow and accounts and ensuring that they are being recorded and processed correctly, that assets are protected through appropriate control measures, and that financial records meet legal standards. They help the auditors gain substantial evidence about a particular matter at hand and may have knowledge about factors and features the auditor knows the least. They have a keen eye for detail, a strong ability to work under pressure, and a knack for problem-solving in the technical activities of the Church. They gather plenty of evidence for more explanation and clarity.

Under professional skepticism, they are required to ensure that they identify all the red flags and confusions, and then design audit procedures to get to the reasonable surety that there are no material misstatements within the church’s operations. They provide delivery-based recommendations that are important for the task at hand and then better-tailored advice for recommendations and analysis on certain matters about the organization.

The candidates will also have remarkable presentation and report-writing skills, and display incredible business acumen. They may be experienced and capable of working following the code of ethics and internal standards and help to achieve the ADEPR Church vision by bringing a systematic and disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes


  • Master’s Degree in Accounting, Finance, or related field, Bachelor's Degree in Accounting, Finance, or related field and CPA.10 years’ experience in finance, accounting, or a combination including 5 years in auditing,
  • Strong understanding of accounting, administrative and financial laws, regulations, and internal controls;
  • Sound understanding of audit standards principles, and practices;
  • Familiarity with general accounting standards and techniques;
  • Strong understanding of financial reporting standards
  • Strong Alignment with ADEPR Church Doctrine, Vision, Mission and Values
  • Fluent in Kinyarwanda and English, both in writing and speaking. Skilled in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Done at Kigali, on April 17 , 2024 

Reverend Isaie NDAYIZEYE

Senior Pastor of ADEPR Church