Sales Coordinator at Souk Farms

1 Sales Coordinator at Souk Farms
Sales Coordinator

Souk Farms | Type: Job
Published: 2024-05-22 | Deadline: 2024-06-22

Job Title: Sales Coordinator

Reports To: CEO

Position Type: Full-Time

Job Overview:

The primary responsibilities of this role include ensuring customer orders are fulfilled, coordinating with the production team to meet customer demands, and maintaining 100% customer satisfaction. The Sales Coordinator will be instrumental in driving our weekly export targets, managing local sales efforts, onboarding new clients, and overseeing our digital marketing strategies. This position requires a proactive, communicative, and customer-oriented individual who can manage multiple tasks efficiently and drive the sales team towards achieving its goals.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Oversee the fulfillment of customer orders, ensuring seamless coordination with the production team to meet customer requirements. This is the primary responsibility of the Sales Coordinator.
  • Establish productive and professional relationships with key personnel in assigned customer accounts.
  • Maintain a customer satisfaction rate of 100%, addressing any concerns promptly and efficiently.
  • Prepare and distribute necessary export documentation to customers, ensuring clarity and accuracy.
  • Conduct weekly reviews of export budgets and targets and ensure accuracy on key metrics such as volumes, prices ,etc.
  • Take customer orders and ensure a 100% fulfillment rate, managing expectations and delivery timelines effectively.
  • Lead and manage the local sales team, setting clear targets and motivating the team to achieve sales goals.

  • Prepare for SOUK's attendance at trade shows, including setting sales targets beforehand and ensuring the achievement of these sales objectives to ensure a return on investment. This involves strategic planning of trade show participation, from booth design and product presentation to team assignments and lead capture processes. Develop compelling trade show materials and promotions that align with SOUK's brand strategy and sales goals.
  • Complete due diligence documentation for the onboarding of new clients, ensuring a smooth and compliant integration process.
  • Ensure timely payments from customers, managing credit policies to avoid financial risks.
  • Identify and communicate any gaps in the production plan to the production team, ensuring no disruption in meeting customer orders.
    • Prepare monthly, quarterly, and annual sales forecasts.
  • Oversee the management of the SOUK Farms website and digital marketing efforts, ensuring brand consistency and the engagement of potential customers.
  • Perform research and identify new potential customers and new market opportunities.
  • Manage sales department operational issues, including resource allocation and budgeting.
  • Share monthly sales accounts with relevant clients to ensure all commission fees are paid on time. Establish and maintain a system for tracking payments and commissions, ensuring transparency and accuracy in financial dealings with clients.

Interested candidates should send their applications no later than June 22nd, 2024 via email at