Drivers at Gakenke District

4 Drivers at Gakenke District

Gakenke District | Type: Job
Published: 2024-05-24 | Deadline: 2024-06-03

Job responsibilities

  • Provide ambulance transport to people requiring health care from hospital, health Centers and communities in the vicinity to the hospital
  • Ensures the adequacy of fuel and other lubricants in the vehicle before start;
  • Checks if the ambulance and other hospital vehicle are in the proper conditions fit for road driving;
  • Adheres to all the road safety regulations- follow the signposts, road maps and observes speed limits while driving;
  • Ensures the safety of passengers at all times;
  • Ensures that no un authorised persons board the hospital vehicles;
  • Completes the vehicle log books every trip;
  • Keeps record of materials and products transported;
  • Ensures proper cleaning, inspection, and services vehicles
  • Preforms other duties assigned by the Administration Responsibility for quality and safety
  • A driver is responsible of quality in his department

  • He has responsibilities of overseeing quality in her/his department
  • He should provide patient care to a wide diversity of individuals,
  • He should provide the public with education aimed at promoting wellness and preventing injuries.
  • He develops and encourages a patient-focused culture.
  • He is handling a Complaint, to let our hospital be well recognized by the public.
  • He is maintaining a safe and hazard-free work environment.
  • He assists clients by processing while providing prompt, friendly, helpful customer service. minimum qualification of Ordinal Level(O Level),Advanced (A2) is an added value.


  • Driving license Category B

    0 Year of relevant experience

  • A2 in Any field

    0 Year of relevant experience

Required competencies and key technical skills

  • Integrity
  • Accountability

  • Communication

  • Teamwork

  • Analytical skills

  • Problem solving skills

  • Mentoring and coaching skills

  • Time management skills