Driver at Nyamasheke District

1 Driver at Nyamasheke District

Nyamasheke District | Type: Job
Published: 2024-07-03 | Deadline: 2024-07-10

Job responsibilities

  • Assist clients and patients as needed to safely complete the transfer.
  • Carry out daily checks before starting up the vehicle (oil level; water level; pressure of the tires etc…)
  • Complete a mechanical checklist prior to each shift to ensure ambulance is in working order and ready to transport patients to and from required locations, and report any mechanical issues
  • Complete appropriate trip sheets as required by line manager to record officially each transport
  • Effective communicates with dispatch regarding schedule progress and receive instructions.
  • Ensure ambulance is clean and stocked properly with first aid and medical supplies prior to each shift and between patient transports throughout the day
  • Ensure that there is availability of all the required documents/supplies including vehicle insurance
  • Ensure the road safety compliance
  • Help patients onto ambulance gurney and load them into the ambulance, assisted by medical personnel
  • Inform the logistics department of any major repairs to be carried out.
  • Maintain a professional image and attitude in regards to clients, visitors and co‐workers.
  • Maintain cleanness of the vehicles

  • Provide reliable and secure driving services
  • Report accident or other emergency facts
  • Solve minor technical problems for vehicles
  • Transporting patients and clients utilizing health facility vehicles in a safe and professional manner


  • Driving license Category B

    0 Year of relevant experience

  • A2 in Any field

    0 Year of relevant experience

Required competencies and key technical skills

  • Integrity
  • Accountability

  • Communication

  • Teamwork

  • Analytical skills

  • Problem solving skills

  • Mentoring and coaching skills

  • Time management skills