3 Job Opportunities at Rwanda Medical Supply Ltd
Job Opportunities

Rwanda Medical Supply Ltd | Type: Job
Published: 2023-08-07 | Deadline: 2023-08-14

Job advertisement for vacant positions in Rwanda Medical Supply Limited (RMS Ltd)

The Rwandan government established RMS Ltd as a state-owned enterprise with the responsibility of overseeing the country's entire health supply chain. The five rights that RMS Ltd supports are the appropriate patient, the right drug or dose, the right price, the right route, and the right time. RMS Ltd.'s mission is to guarantee the public's access to all health commodities in a timely, high-quality manner that is cost-effective, sustainable, and efficient. Through a cost-effective and financially viable supply chain that can satisfy present and future demand and handle growing complexity, medications will be accessible across the nation. The following positions at RMS Ltd are searching for skilled, committed, and experienced candidates: 

RMS Ltd is seeking qualified candidates who are committed to working hard For the following positions:

1. Assistant Order processing officer  

Tasks and responsibilities 

  • Keep track of allowed orders and requests in accordance with the set timelines and send the processing vouchers to the picking section;
  • Create the client's invoices
  • accountable for the daily filing of all paperwork for the section handling customer orders.
  • Create and distribute recurring sales and distribution reports on unfulfilled orders to the immediate supervisor. 

Qualification and Skills:

  • Degree in Pharmacy, Nursing, Laboratory Sciences, public health or related field with 2 years working experience in a relevant specific domain.


2 - Assistant Receiving Officer 
Tasks and responsibilities

  • Work with the procurement team to create a list of anticipated deliveries.
  • Obtain shipments and sign documents when they are received
  • Packages from incoming trucks are unloaded
  • Return of load to suppliers
  • Make sure the contents are unharmed by inspecting them.
  • Check packages for quantity, quality, and pricing in accordance with the order and invoices.
  • Accept accountability (report) for any subpar shipments or replacements.
  • Deliveries should be tagged and assigned to the appropriate location.
  • Make sure the proof of delivery is co-signed and filed correctly.
  • Keep accurate records and help with inventory management.
  • Tell the receiving officer what happened.
  • 5 days following receipt, deliver acceptance reports to the receiving officer for supplier comments and payment.

Qualification and Skills

  • Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy, Nursing or Laboratory sciences or any other related field. 


3 - Order picking and Dispatching Officer (Rusizi Branch)

Tasks and responsibilities 

  • Delivery vehicle loading and unloading with a forklift or by hand.
  • Identifying any damaged or missing products, then classifying the stock for the warehouse's storage
  • Delivering products to the proper storage location and utilizing the proper tools
  • Keeping meticulous records of the inventory on the warehouse management system, allowing for easy identification
  • Utilizing a forklift to move and reorganize inventory, as well as to make sure that goods are stored and labeled accurately and safely
  • Employing a handheld scanner to retrieve orders from the storage area and deliver them to the loading bay or for packing.
  • Put goods in boxes and crates, for example, and seal the containers after filling them with bubble wrap or polystyrene chips.
  • Select incoming orders as necessary to ensure proper priority
  • Coordinating transfer operations and placing cargo into delivery trucks
  • Reporting to your direct manager.

Qualification and Skills 

  • Degree in Nursing, Laboratory Sciences or related field with 2 years working experience in a relevant specific domain.

Knowledge and technical skills required: 

  • Exceptional intellectual and problem-solving abilities;
  • Ability to make decisions;
  • Outstanding communication abilities;
  • Exceptional organizational skills;
  • Team working skills;
  • Computer proficiency (advanced Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) 

How to apply

Interested applicants should provide their application materials (in one PDF file), which should include an application letter, a curriculum vitae, a copy of their ID, copies of their academic and professional credentials, a letter of motivation, the names of three references, and their contact information (email and phone).

By emailing recruitment@rmsltd.rw, Rwanda Medical Supply Ltd's chief executive officer will receive all applications.

Application deadline is Monday, August 14, 2023, at 5:00 PM. 


  1. Only applications sent via the aforementioned email will be taken into consideration;
  2. Only candidates that meet the minimum requirements and have the required experience will be shortlisted and contacted;
  3. Applications that are not complete will be rejected.