Scholarships Opportunities for Non-EU/EEA Students at University of Twente
Scholarships Opportunities for Non-EU/EEA Students

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Published: 2023-10-01 | Deadline: 2024-05-01

University of Twente Master’s Scholarships for Non-EU/EEA Students: (Deadline Ongoing)


The University of Twente, located in the heart of the Netherlands, has long been recognized as a hub of innovation and academic excellence. For international students dreaming of pursuing a master’s degree in a vibrant and technology-driven environment, the University of Twente offers an array of scholarships that can transform your aspirations into reality. In this article, we will delve into the exciting world of scholarships for non-EU/EEA students at the University of Twente.

A University of Innovation and Excellence:

The University of Twente, often referred to as UT, is renowned for its cutting-edge research, world-class faculty, and a diverse, inclusive community. Situated in the city of Enschede, this university prides itself on embracing technology and innovation to address global challenges effectively. Whether your passion lies in engineering, social sciences, or the natural sciences, UT offers a wide range of master’s programs to nurture your talents and ambitions.

Empowering International Students: Scholarships at UT:

Recognizing the importance of international diversity and the financial challenges that many students face, the University of Twente offers several scholarships tailored specifically for non-EU/EEA students. These scholarships aim to provide both financial support and a pathway to a transformative educational experience. Here are some notable scholarships:

  1. Kipaji Scholarship: This scholarship is for highly talented students with a background in technical and/or social sciences. It provides financial assistance of up to €12,000 for one year.
  2. Professor de Winter Scholarship: Focusing on excellent female students, this scholarship offers financial support of up to €7,500 for one year.
  3. Holland Scholarship: In partnership with the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science, UT offers the Holland Scholarship, which covers €5,000 of your tuition fees in the first year of your studies.
  4. Orange Tulip Scholarship: This scholarship, provided by Dutch higher education institutions, multinational companies, and government institutions, can significantly reduce your tuition fees.

Application Process:

To embark on your journey to a master’s degree at the University of Twente with a scholarship, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Your Program: Explore the diverse range of master’s programs offered by UT and select the one that aligns with your academic and career goals.
  2. Check Eligibility: Review the specific eligibility criteria for the scholarship you wish to apply for. Ensure you meet the requirements.
  3. Submit Your Application: Complete the online application for both admission to the university and the scholarship. Pay attention to application deadlines, as they may vary.
  4. Await Notification: After submitting your application, patiently await the results. If selected, you’ll receive a notification of the scholarship award.

The UT Experience:

Studying at the University of Twente offers more than just academic excellence. It provides an opportunity to engage in groundbreaking research, collaborate with leading experts, and become part of a diverse, international community. UT’s commitment to innovation and entrepreneurship will empower you to turn your ideas into tangible solutions for global challenges.

The University of Twente’s master’s scholarships for non-EU/EEA students are not just about financial support; they are about unlocking your potential and preparing you for a future where you can make a meaningful impact on the world. If you aspire to study in the Netherlands and be a part of a dynamic academic community, UT’s scholarships are your stepping stone to success.